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Training Methods
Training at Creekside starts shortly after birth. We imprint our foals, halter break them and teach them to be handled, but not treat them as pets. Most of their first year is spent at their Mother's side, learning how to get along in the herd. All our foals are taught to bathe, trailer, tie, stand for the farrier and vet, usually at their mothers side, then it is taught again at weaning. All our horses are current on vaccinations , hoof care, and worming. Our farrier and vet can be used as references for the ranch. They know each and horse on our ranch. Our broodmare herd are riding horses. If they are not being used in any given year for riding , then they get a 30 day "tune up" with world renowned trainer Virgil Wicks.We also take the younger stock with us to Virgil's indoor arena for socialization. We are intent on producing a quality well rounded horse. If we have young horses to break, they are taken to a cattle ranch in Central Idaho, here they get all the miles
they could possibly need. The following winter, they are ridden in the group lesson classes at the Virgil Wicks training center. We feel this gives all our horses the training they need to be taken in any direction later on in life. Most trainers agree that Curlies are easy to work with and train. This does not mean, however, that you can expect them to preform with out the proper training. We fit all our methods to the way the horse thinks, so he can learn in his frame of mind, and each and ever horse is just a little different so years of handing horses benefits us all.