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Consider A Weanling
As you read this, imagine all the people who are dreaming about owning a horse. Horse trading is going on all over the world around the clock.Deep down, everyone wants a horse, butyers just want one more than sellers. This is the summer to get yourself an American Bashkir Curly. If you can't cough up enough coin to buy a seasoned 5 year old, energentic,youthful, trained up, tuned up,coming into its prime, consider a weanling instead.
If you don't have the horsesense to choose a 3 or 4 year old, consider a weanling.
If you can not face the "terrible two's" connnsider a weanling. If you don't want an unpredictable yearling, consider a weanling.
Birthing and raising to weanling stage are for the professionals. A good part of veterinary expense can happen at this stage. From the owners veiwpoint weaning time is a good time to sell.
IMPORTANT: If you are new to horse ownership, you might do well to but a weanling. You can learn while your foal grows and not have to learn all of horsemanship all at once. You can enjoy your new horse with out imposed pressures. By the time your foal is a yearling you can decide how you want to procede. You can reconsider horse ownership or start to get serious.
Parts copied from " fasten the gate" Bob Howdy PHD.