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Interesting Facts

Curly horses are generally known for the curly hair that they have, this hair is hypo-allergenic for most
people. Some of the not so common facts help make these horses a pleasure to own. Most of your
curly horses have very hard feet. These feet rarely need shoes and can save an average horse owner a coupl
e hundred dollars a year in shoes. Their feet also tend to wear down evenly, saving money and
routine trim jobs.

A full grown adult curly requires about 1/4 less food than another breed. They have the ability to flouish
on pasture alone. My vet can not hardly believe it when he comes here in the winter. " At other ranches
they always have a least one horses that can not keep weight on" he say's ......but not at this ranch.

Curlies have a higher red cell blood count than other horses, if they do happen to get sick, they have a higher recovery rate, and injuries are healed faster too.

My vet is ALWAYS impressed with how my horses look, spring, summer, winter, fall.