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Creekside Curlies is an American Bashkir Curly Ranch in North Central Idaho, located on the edge of the great "palouse." We breed curly horses for their disposition, hardiness, and hypoallergenic qualities.

We are ABC licensed breeders of American Bashkir curly horses.
These horses are hardy mounts for all disiplines of riding.
We breed curly to curly to produce a quality foal.
Our focus on breeding is beyond just producing a curly coat.
We use "foundation bloodlines to follow as close as possible the founding fathers
ideals. We breed first for disposition, then other curly traits.
We want a horse that can handle any challenge sent their way.

ALLERGY NOTE- On this ranch lives an allergic, asthmatic husband. He has allergy tested all our horses . He also has tested some straight haired curlies and finds he is sensitive to them. This is one reason we strive to breed quality horses and curly hair is an important quality.

Our horse herd roams on 170 acres of grassland with a great elevation difference. It is not uncommon for our mares to bring in their new foals, about 1/4 mile walk their first day.This country makes for strong foals and keeps the older adult horses in pretty good shape. They all have exposure to deer, elk , pheasants and other game.
come and meet our horse herd...........